Why Signage is Critical for A Smooth Return to Business Post-Pandemic

The pandemic has clearly impacted every industry — from retail and business offices to health, finance, warehousing, and education. Consumer demands have changed and more employers — and employees — are opting for hybrid workspaces, requiring new rules, new traffic patterns, and a new way of doing business. And importantly, rules and regulations are still in flux, so businesses must be mindful of current health and safety regulations.

Creating bold, eye-catching signage in-house is the perfect way to maintain compliance with current regulations, meet consumer expectations, and provide an outstanding experience for both staff and customers.

Signage IS Critical — Four Ways Signage Can Help Your Business

Signage is a critical component of smart marketing, but it can also help office spaces and other workplaces stay safer, more productive, and less frustrating. Let’s examine four of the ways printed signage can bring added value to your organization.

  1. Provide Valuable Information

Some customers do not want to interact with another person to get the information they need to navigate your space. First, they must locate the right person, and then they may even have to queue in line to ask even a simple question, such as the location of the nearest restroom. Having informational signage placed clearly in public areas can alleviate this problem, reduce the need for extra staffing to handle questions, and provide an on-demand source for information.

  1. Welcoming Visitors of All Kinds

With a new emphasis on inclusivity and diversity in business, it is smart to create signage that reflects the multifaceted makeup of consumer groups. ADA-compliant signage with high-contrast, easy-to-read fonts and generous character spacing printed on non-glare materials can make signs easier to understand for the visually impaired. Signage installed no higher than 60 inches above floor level can help those with wheelchairs navigate your space, and inclusive signs for restrooms and other private facilities can help all guests feel welcome.

  1. Solidify Your Brand

Using signage — even health and safety signs — that reflect your brand’s personality is a smart way to create a visual identity that stays with visitors long after they leave.

  1. Improving Wayfinding

Even the humble office space can benefit from wayfinding signage, not only for visitors and new employees, but for those times when traffic patterns must change to align with new health and safety guidelines.

Being able to print out necessary signs — and change them at the drop of a hat — is important for keeping your business up to date with consumer trends and compliant with regulations. Today’s in-house printers offer not only exceptional, brilliant color but also the ability to print on a variety of media to serve both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Great Ways to Use Signage in Your Business

While signage can bring great benefits to businesses, unclear, poorly produced, or inconspicuous signage can actually detract from your message and cause confusion. Some great ways to use signage in your business include:

  • Make sure that signs regarding safety messages don’t compete with other, less important, signage.
  • Where possible, use pictures and symbols to convey your message to ensure there are fewer barriers to comprehension.
  • When it comes to wording, less is more — and easier to understand quickly.
  • Use plenty of white space around lettering to make your signage clear and succinct.
  • Use fonts that are simple and clean (sans-serif types work best) and don’t use more than two fonts in the same sign for legibility and clarity.
  • Consider using a border around the edge of your signs to focus attention on the message and increase the speed at which your sign can be read and understood by 25%.
  • Avoid backgrounds that distract from your message. White and solid colors are safe bets.
  • Locate signage in high-impact areas such as entrances, exits, and along walls at eye level.

Adopting other key strategies such as creating signs around specific themes, can also help improve the clarity and impact of your message.

Perry proTECH Has the Right Printer for Your Business

Each business has specific signage needs and challenges — and Perry proTECH has a printer that will perfectly match your needs and your budget requirements.

We offer a wide range on multifunction printers that still offer high-quality, full-color capabilities plus a range of wide-format printers and production printers that can take your signage to a professional level. By keeping signage production in-house, your business retains complete control over quality, timing, and production for a better return on your investment.

Get the signage your business needs at the touch of a button. Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and get an in-house printer for your signage needs today.

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