Why Your Classroom Still Needs a Printer

The recent few years, with their focus on remote learning due to the constraints of the ongoing pandemic, have shifted educational organizations focus to digital learning strategies such as interactive whiteboards, virtual classrooms, and more. And while this technology is useful, there is one tool that remains essential for helping students get the most from their educational experience — the classroom printer.

Most schools have moved classes back to the classroom, but even so there is a reliance on tablets and other devices as teaching adjuncts. However, many students still get a greater feeling of satisfaction from a published report or project, a feat that demands access to paper — and a quality printer. Additionally, parents and even teachers like to display their students’ work which is not possible without printing tools.

But, there are even more compelling reasons to outfit your classroom with a printer than simple pride in accomplishing a task or meeting a learning milestone

Printers in the Classroom — Still an Essential Tool for Learning

Even with the rapid adoption of digital technologies, printers are an important part of the education process. In fact, printers in the classroom can even help schools ease into the digital transition while keeping student learning high. Let’s take a closer look:

  1. Mobile Printing to Classroom Printers Helps Classrooms Transition

One example of a great usage of classroom printers to transition to a digital environment can be shown with the increasing adoption of mobile printing technologies. As students are allowed to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or work on school-supplied tablets, they can print homework assignments and classroom work instantly via mobile print to a classroom printer. This can save on paper, as the assignment can be given and completed via electronic document, and only printed for teacher review and classroom evaluation.

  1. Reading from Print Increases Learning Comprehension

That assignment we just printed out from example #1? That will help your student learn and comprehend the materials better. A recent study showed that reading comprehension increases when information is read from paper rather than a computer or tablet screen. In fact, paper excelled by more than a fifth of standard deviation. And reading from print can speed up the learning process as print readers can read up to 30% faster than readers who are viewing digital text.

  1. Using Print Color to Improve Learning Outcomes

If color is used in printed text, it can improve a student’s learning comprehension, especially for students who struggle with focus. Need more reasons to employ color? MIT found that when color was used in tests, people performed up to 10% better. As an added bonus, the effect increased memory retention over time. And different colors can stimulate the brain in different ways, helping to process multiple things.

However you view it, having a printer in the classroom is a cost-effective way to increase student engagement, boost learning, and help your school transition to a more digital environment.

Trust Perry proTECH for All Your Printing Needs

Because we partner with leaders in the print and imaging industry, we are able to offer our education clients quality printers that not only fit the needs of your organization but are also cost-effective. With today’s schools facing ever tighter budgets, a classroom printer is a great way to boost learning effectiveness and assist teachers and students in adopting technology.

Our wide range of printers offer varying levels of functionality so you can get what you need, without paying for what you don’t need. In addition, today’s printers have increased security features that can help keep sensitive or personal data protected in the print environment — an essential criterion for schools that must be compliant with data protection and privacy requirements. Legacy printers often do not have the same security abilities, and can open up your school to considerable risk if sensitive information is printed.

Put a printer in your classroom today and watch learning soar! Contact a Perry proTECH consultant and explore our suite of high-quality, cost-effective printers for education.

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