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Regional Hospital needed to solve a line of sight issue between facilities

Amy Billing, MIS manager, Lima Memorial Hospital, chose DragonWave to solve a line of sight link issue between two facilities. the existing link was susceptible to interference from other 5.8 ghz traffic and moisture. "Essentially, every time it would rain our link would go down,” according to Amy, “and we were seeing the same problems at our remote medical park facility."

"Our decision was based off our reseller, PERRY proTECH, having successfully implemented this solution at other customer sites."
–Amy Billing, Lima Memorial

PERRY proTECH recommended that Amy look at DragonWave. She chose the 18 and 23 ghz wireless radios to connect to the downtown facility for both the private network and Internet and the 23 ghz for the medical park. These function at a 200 megabit connection.

Improvements were seen immediately and the hospital stopped experiencing dropped connections.

PERRY proTECH Solution:

DragonWave solutions enable rapid deployment of high-capacity Ethernet and TDM services for private and MSH networks. Ideal applications include university and enterprise campuses, business parks, schools, hospitals and public safety emergency agencies.


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