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Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Scalable. Flexible. Secure. Our team can help you take cloud operations to the next level.

More and more businesses are turning to cloud computing to maximize resources and boost productivity while keeping sensitive and critical data secure.

By leveraging the power of a cloud platform, your business can minimize equipment downtime and scale your computing resources up — or down — in an instant to respond to changing market conditions, customer needs, and evolving corporate objectives.

At Perry proTECH, we offer the most comprehensive suite of cloud services to keep our clients on the cutting edge of technology — offering a competitive advantage that helps expand market share and profitability, promotes productivity, and offers a frustration-free computing experience.

Be Ready for the Future with Cloud Services for Seamless Integration

We have a suite of cloud services that can manage any workload and any operating environment.

From on-premises infrastructure, to cloud-only, to a hybrid system that combines the best of both worlds, our team can integrate and manage your platform to meet current — and future — needs.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the kind of features that are critical for modern security hardware.

Data Center Hosting & Disaster Recovery

To ensure the highest level of data security and remove the fear of downtime, we offer data center solutions that boast a “no single point of failure” configuration.

With multiple tier networks servicing our data center, our team can secure your mission-critical data for instant retrieval — and ultimate peace of mind.

Our cutting-edge data center facilities are defined by:

  • Biometrics for access control across the entire floor space
  • All data center and colocation are monitored 24/7, and DVRs are flagged every time fingerprint scanners are used
  • Floor access is controlled by authorized personnel only
  • Elevators are controlled via key fob
  • Power and cooling by way of five 20-ton Liebert HVAC
  • Having no single point of failure in the data center starts by having multiple carriers to provide robust Internet connectivity.

These top-level facilities help our team deliver customized solutions to our clients across all industries — healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, government, education, and more.

Data Center Hosting & Disaster Recovery

Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise

For feature-rich programming that supports the way you work, we provide the combined resources of the Microsoft Azure cloud paired with the cloud-based productivity tools inherent in the enterprise-level Microsoft Office suite.

Together, these tools maximize office productivity, encourage teamwork and collaboration through streamlined workflows, manage organizational knowledge, and secure your data in an industry-leading cloud environment.

Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise

Desktop Virtualization

You need your employees to be able to access information and apps whether they are at their desktops or on the road.

We provide a virtual desktop platform that keeps data secure — and consistent — across platforms and operating systems for seamless integration and the kind of simplicity that drives productivity.

Our solutions provide secure, easy access to mission-critical data for a cost-effective, flexible answer to workplace mobility issues.

Desktop Virtualization

Endpoint Protection

Cybersecurity is a critical issue for most businesses that handle intellectual property, sensitive customer or employee data, and business-critical information.

Many cybercriminals choose network endpoints as their weak link point-of-access to your data through cyberattacks such as phishing, malware, ransomware, and outright theft of laptops, tablets, or other mobile devices.

Endpoint protection is necessary to keep your system safe, prevent attacks, and keep companies compliant with federal and state privacy and compliance regulations.

Our endpoint protection system provides fast, easy-to-deploy security with enhanced automation and scalability for full flexibility. Hierarchical views and custom reports simplify monitoring and allow data-driven insights that amplify security and give you a clear view of your platform’s function.

Endpoint Protection

Network Management

Cloud services and network management solutions go hand-in-hand. That’s why we provide management options (insert link to network management page) that dovetail seamlessly with your cloud for unparalleled ease of use.

Network Management

The PERRY proTECH Advantage? Cloud Services that Drive Efficiency and Growth — While Protecting Your Data

PERRY proTECH’s suite of cloud services are targeted toward businesses that need to power up their productivity — securely — to optimize business processes for greater success.

Our team will begin with an in-depth assessment of current infrastructure and an understanding of your business objectives.

Then, we’ll create a cloud-based environment that can set your enterprise on the path to achieving those goals by empowering your employees with enhanced data retrieval, increased mobility, reduced downtime, and the heightened security only found among industry-leading cloud platforms.

Choose PERRY proTECH and Level Up to the Cloud

In today’s hypercompetitive market, you need a competitive advantage to keep abreast of rival businesses. Not only can our comprehensive cloud services help propel your business to a new level of productivity, but we back all our services with a support team that is always standing by to serve you.

Our customer care program removes the frustration from deploying a new system with support that is at the ready to troubleshoot issues, answer questions, and ensure your business enjoys a smooth transition to your new platform.

When you choose Perry proTECH to design, install, and manage your cloud, you are getting state-of-the-art technology backed by experts with cutting-edge knowledge in the industry for the kind of performance and service you require.

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