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Intelligent Security Hardware Solutions

Intelligent Security Hardware Solutions

Intelligent Security Hardware Solutions

Security is only as good as your infrastructure. Ensure your property is protected with next-level security hardware.

Cyberattacks aimed at small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are on the increase, with 43% of SMBs being targeted, and half suffering a breach. These breaches cost an average of $200,000 and only 14% of businesses are prepared to defend against this kind of security issue.

While many people think of cybertheft and attacks coming from online sources, there are myriad ways clever hackers can access your system physically. Physical security –– and the hardware that promotes it —is fundamental to protecting your business against vandalism, theft, unauthorized access of information, and man made catastrophes.

At Perry proTECH, we are constantly curating the latest and most effective security hardware to keep your facilities as protected as possible.

Discover a New Level of Security with State-of-the-Art Hardware

When considering physical security options, you’ll want to ensure your system is seamlessly integrated across all platforms while leveraging the capabilities of your current infrastructure as much as possible.

To accomplish this for our clients Perry proTECH has curated cutting edge specialty hardware from industry leaders in the areas of cameras, access control, and monitoring and sensors.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the kind of features that are critical for modern security hardware.

Video Surveillance and Cameras

A video security system should provide you with the correct information when you need it to allow you to take decisive action to keep your data — and your facilities — safe.

Our suite of security cameras features next-generation video analytics to make zeroing in on critical events fast and simple. With advanced object detection and easy integration with third-party applications and infrastructure, these cameras can help you keep an eye on scene conditions.

Other features can include:

  • High-efficiency video coding
  • Integrated IR illuminators
  • High-def stream management for crystal clear detail with minimal bandwidth
  • License plate recognition compatibility
  • Lightcatcher technology for low-light situations
  • Multiple lens options
  • Audio capabilities

In addition, our video surveillance choices feature easy to use access control for maximum flexibility.

Video Surveillance and Cameras


You want to keep everyone safe and protect the integrity of your property. That’s why you need sensors that are directly integrated into your security system.

With multiple sensors that can detect vaping, THC, air quality, harmful chemicals and more, our system is constructed with advanced analytics and adjustable settings to cut down on false alarms while providing the peace of mind — and safety — you need.


Access Control

Our series of access control platforms provide scalable solutions for entry- to enterprise-level businesses.

They offer fully integrated, ready-to-deploy performance that allows for seamless integration, providing full control of wireless locks, intrusion panels, video verification, and visitor management systems.

Access Control

Thermal Imaging

This relatively new technology is currently being used to detect a virus or an infection by using temperature detection. FLIR thermal cameras have a history of being used in airports, train terminals, hospitals, businesses, factories, and even concerts. It’s an effective multi-use tool to measure skin surface temperature and even detect body temperature in an otherwise light free environment.

Thermal Imaging


When it comes to monitoring, you want the most extensively trained personnel and the most advanced technologies to come together to protect your property and ensure that your customers and employees are safe.

That means deploying systems with multiple redundancies at all levels for heightened efficiency and speed. It also means working with the top 3% of all personnel to select candidates to complete the most stringent SIA-Certified training in the industry, before putting them to work keeping an eye on your business.


The PERRY proTECH Advantage? Security Hardware Featuring the Most Advanced Technologies Available

PERRY proTECH’s strategic partnerships with industry leaders allows us to offer the widest range of security hardware to keep your data, property, and people safe.

Our suite of superior products gives you the choices you need to match your budget and business goals with the level of security you need for ultimate peace of mind.

Our team will assess your current infrastructure, detect areas of weakness, and assemble a first-rate security system that includes the latest technologies in cameras, monitors, and sensors with an access control option that will allow you to plug-and-play for seamless and effortless deployment.

Choose PERRY proTECH and Get Protected Today

You are more than just a customer to us — you’re family. That means when our team is consulting on security installations, we are making sure you’ve got everything you need to keep your employees, your customers, and your business as safe as possible.

Our full-service support team is always at the ready to provide exceptional service, troubleshoot issues, and answer questions. We provide customer care that goes above and beyond the initial purchase to ensure our clients are fully satisfied with their Perry proTECH experience.

When you choose our team to help assess, install, and/or manage your physical security needs, you’re assured that the most advanced security and most knowledgeable personnel are working to protect your assets so you can get on with business.

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