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Intelligent Security Solutions

Intelligent Security Solutions

The Security Services division of Perry proTECH provides technologies that support the protection of life and property

Our 50 years of partnership with diverse clients that understand the need to protect all aspects of their business — from data to physical structures to employee safety — gives us a unique understanding of security needs across industries.

We comprehend the demand to keep mission-critical business processes up and running. Our security experts understand the digital transformation of Physical Security, and are dedicated to applying state-of-the-art security technology to ensure our clients safety and success.

We’re Experts in Helping Businesses Protect Their Data, Monitor Their Premises, and Keep Employees Safe

Our team of security specialists has curated the latest — and most advanced — security solutions that keep pace with today’s evolving security threats.

Our solutions help mitigate threats while giving companies maximum control over access of both virtual and physical environments.

Our Suite of Security Solutions Provides the Safety and Peace of Mind Your Business Needs

All businesses need to protect the core of business processes — their data, their physical space, and their employees.

Our unique combination of technology and state-of-the-art monitoring and surveillance devices give you assurance that your mission-critical processes are protected with the most advanced technologies available. Our experts will integrate our building management solutions with your existing network technologies to provide a robust and reliable solution.

Cloud Pro-TECT

Our cloud-hosted physical security system is designed to provide a simple security solution that checks three important boxes: Worker safety, efficiency, and cost-reduction.

We’ve created a smarter, more cost-effective security platform by removing complexity and eliminating the burden of management through a cloud-based platform. This means your business can have all the benefits of an enterprise-level video surveillance system and access control solution with having to own costly infrastructure.

Cloud Pro-TECT safeguards your business by:
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  • Managing physical security for any number of facilities
  • Providing remote control and management capabilities from a phone or tablet
  • Provides real-time notifications of critical events via text or email
  • Allowing live monitoring of video streams from security cameras
  • Sending scheduled, customized security reports via email

Our cloud-based security configuration can provide up to 50% cost savings as there is no up-front equipment cost and no in-house IT personnel needed to handle the install and maintenance of this innovative turn-key system.

You’ll enjoy faster system deployment, scalable functionality to account for future business growth, and most importantly, increased situational awareness for superior protection.

Intrusion Systems and Access Control

Our alarm systems are customized for the needs of your business, and scalable to ensure they are capable of keeping up as your business needs evolve over time.

Through our in-depth security assessment and analysis, our team can assist your enterprise in integrating a security solution with your existing infrastructure. This seamless integration will allow you to control and monitor access to gates, doors, and keys across all aspects of your organization easily and efficiently.



Security camera systems are a great way for businesses to boost productivity and employee performance while ensuring safety and protection against theft and vandalism.

Network video technology can also assist in monitoring customer transactions and behavior to help you become more aware of the buying trends that can give you a competitive edge when organizing floorspace, designing displays, or considering high-traffic times.

Importantly, our cameras offer the kind of superior-quality HD imaging that provides the critical details you’ll need in the event of a physical breach that requires litigation.


Ready to Put the Perry proTECH Difference to Work for Your Business?

Our security team has years of experience customizing security solutions for businesses of all sizes. No matter what your industry or your business goals and needs, our team can provide the right technology to keep you safe, protected, and up and running.

Contact us today to schedule an in-depth security assessment/analysis with one of our team of experts and start experiencing the benefits now.
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