Tech Challenges for Today’s Legal and Finance Enterprises — and How to Manage Them

The legal and finance industries face many challenges when it comes to digital transformation as they are often hard-copy reliant, with massive amounts of paperwork and documentation necessary in the course of a business day.

And, with billable time critical to profitability, it’s essential that staff focuses more closely on casework and spends less time managing infrastructure, changing out toner, or dealing with supply or troubleshooting issues.

Some of the most common obstructions to digital advancement for these industries

Document Distribution/Retrieval

These industries can move the cost of printed documents to the client (client chargebacks) if the jobs can be tracked reliably. In addition, both casework and accounting tasks must be distributed to the correct personnel for collaboration and resolutions for a streamlined workflow.

Fortunately, managed services such as Managed Print Services (MPS) and Managed Network Services (MNS) provide proven ways to efficiently track document printing and storage for:

  • Easy retrieval of critical information
  • Access control to ensure appropriate parties can see sensitive documents
  • Timely tracking of print jobs for targeted billing through client chargebacks

MPS — and specifically, PaperCut software — and MNS give legal and financial firms the power they need to get the most productivity and profitability from the work they’re conducting.

Document Distribution/Retrieval

Securing Data/Compliance

Both legal and financial firms handle extremely sensitive data — from personal information to client trade secrets and more. This puts pressure on these firms to provide increased protection and security for the data they handle while still allowing appropriate parties the access they need to work efficiently.

These entities are often subject to federal and state compliance regulations such as HIPAA, FERPA, SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley), and others.

Using both Document Management and Managed Print and Network Services is a cost-effective way to reduce the risk of cyberattack, threat, and loss through increased security data by:

  • Reducing human error by eliminating manual entry
  • Providing remote authorization and controls
  • Securing data through encryption and/or a cloud-based environment
  • Providing backup and recovery
  • Reducing the risk of misplaced or lost documents

In addition, these systems are designed to reduce overall costs through increased productivity and reduced overall liability.

Physical and Data Security

Paralegal Support

Paralegals are at the core of every successful law firm. They are at the front line of data collection, spending many hours minutely screening documents and case law to uncover the right information that can make the difference between a winning — or losing — case.

Supporting the work of these critical professionals is simple with Automated Paralegal Applications:

  • Assist with data collection by scrubbing information from PCs and laptops
  • Creating indexing filters for automated data capture/queries/recovery
  • Providing automated true redaction of files and records

In addition, these systems are designed to reduce overall costs through increased productivity and reduced overall liability.

Paralegal Support

Going Digital

Employees and consumers alike expect a digital experience from today’s firms, whether legal or financial. And yet, with their document-heavy processes, many firms find it difficult to make the shift to a paperless, or at least more digitally centered, world.

Consulting with experts in the area of digital transformation such as providers of Managed Print and Managed Network can assist legal and finance firms with a smooth transition from paper to digital.

Going Digital

Data Backup/Disaster Recovery

As cyberthreats are on the increase year-over-year, more companies are turning to IT professionals to assist in keeping their data — and their businesses — safe. Whether you’re concerned about fire, flood, theft, or other loss, having a strong backup and recovery plan in place can keep your firm running smoothly in the event of a data disaster.

Consulting with IT experts like our Perry proTECH team can assist in building a secured automated data backup of files according to your needs. These systems offer secured redundancies for extra protection and peace of mind and several ways to recover lost data to make finding the information you need stress-free.

Data Backup/Disaster Recovery

Targeted Solutions for Legal and Finance Firms

At Perry proTech, we know that busy legal and finance firms need solutions that can dovetail with their current processes with a minimum of disruption.

Our solutions focus on supporting staff through innovative applications, reducing costs through streamlined workflows and targeted billing, removing the stress of compliance and data protection with secure, redundant, and automated backups, and providing skilled expertise in refining and defining your IT goals.

Just a few of the services we offer include:

  • Cutting-edge Printer Hardware
  • Managed Print Services
  • Document Management
  • Managed Network Services
  • Chargeback Applications for Print
  • Automated Paralegal Applications
  • Data Backup/Recover Applications

Our team will conduct an in-depth assessment and analysis of your firm’s needs and design a comprehensive program focused on streamlining workflows and providing the highest level of cost efficiencies.

If you’re looking for ways to take your institution to the next level, contact a Perry proTECH representative today.

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