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Managed IT

Managed IT

Managed IT

Complete control of your technology for an unbeatable competitive advantage.

Technology is always growing and changing — factors that present a challenge for many businesses as they attempt to strike a balance between optimizing business processes — and keeping an eye on budgetary concerns.

As an IT leader in our region, Perry proTECH offers our clients an easy and cost-effective way to get the tailor-made IT solutions you need to surge ahead of your competition.

We Take Care of IT — So You Can Get Down to Business

All businesses need to protect the core of business processes — their data, their physical space, and their employees.

Our team of IT experts will deftly steer your organization through the sometimes-confusing technologies that make up a resilient, adaptable, and scalable network that promotes revenue-driving productivity and quality assurance.

A correctly configured system of IT technologies will not only help you achieve your business goals, but it will keep your data safe and free up in-house staff to focus on mission-critical projects.

At Perry proTECH, our managed IT approach involves a deep knowledge of infrastructure, hardware, software, applications, and processes that allow us to provide the kind of holistic care, control, and governance that facilitates performance.

The PERRY proTECH Advantage? Full-Service Managed IT

PERRY proTECH provides the most comprehensive approach to managed IT on the market today.

From initial assessment to solution deployment, optimization, and staff training, our affordable, proactive assistance frees you and your staff to pursue what really matters — getting down to the business of business.

Our team of certified IT experts has over 50 years of experience responding to — and managing — evolving technologies for maximum results and the greatest cost benefits.

Just a few of the areas we manage include:

Infrastructure Assessment

Our team can assess your current IT infrastructure and application platform to determine how well it’s working for your business goals — and recommend cost-saving and productivity-boosting essentials that dovetail neatly with your current system.

This kind of proactive management can provide the right level of IT scalability — allowing your business to pivot quickly in response to market changes.

Infrastructure Assessment

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing allows for more secure data storage and the kind of fast access to information that provides staff with the ultimate flexibility to perform their work at any time — from anywhere.

We have in-depth understanding of public cloud computing systems and we offer our bespoke private cloud solution as well, giving you an assortment of choices for storing, securing, and retrieving your data.

These solutions are selected for their easy deployment and smooth manageability so your organization will never be impacted by unpredictable demands on your IT resources.

Cloud Computing

Communication and Collaboration

Voice of Internet Protocol (VoIP) brings your voice and data networks together in a single platform for cost reduction and flexibility.

VoIP brings powerful collaborative abilities to your business by offering full-scale video conferencing to increase the effectiveness of teamwork, reduce travel expenses and time, and enhance your team’s ability to make decisions on-the-fly.

Communication and Collaboration

End User Training

Knowledge is power.

That’s why our team focuses on keeping your staff in the know. Our industry experts will make them aware of how best to optimize their use of your existing system through ongoing security and usage trainings.

Not only will an understanding of best practices help your staff multiply productivity for faster attainment of business objectives, but security awareness will help prevent data loss and keep your information safer.

And, because technologies are constantly in flux, the training never ends. Our experts will remain on hand to answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and optimize your system for maximum performance.


Choose PERRY proTECH Managed IT for Reliability and Performance

With our wide range of solutions and knowledgeable experts, Perry proTECH is perfectly positioned to provide your business with the kind of reliability and performance you want — and need — from your IT resources.

Our tailored options and multiple approaches to the problems of IT infrastructure, data storage, security, business process optimization, and communications allow us to offer the right solutions for any size business — and budget.

The industry experts at Perry proTECH will help you get the most of your IT resources for the kind of adaptability, scalability, and peace of mind that are the first steps toward realizing your business goals.

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