We’ve been the IT leader in the region for many years through our responsiveness, adaptability and our relationships. We can help you with a wide variety of technology solutions that will be tailor-made to your specific needs.

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    Core Infrastructure for
    Business Scalability

    PERRY proTECH’s IT/Networking team will help you assess your organization’s IT infrastructure and application platform to provide an optimized roadmap for proactive IT management.

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    IP Telephony

    VoIP, or voice over Internet protocol services, allows both voice and data communications to run over a single network platform that can significantly reduce infrastructure costs. No more separate voice and data networks. Improve employee flexibility and productivity with the inherent benefits of a converged network.

    Transform your business with the power of video collaboration and conferencing. The right video technologies will increase productivity, reduce travel time and expenses, allow you to host more effective meetings and achieve faster time-to-market through increased decision-making.

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    Business Assurance with
    Cloud Computing

    We’re well versed on the many types of public cloud computing and offer our own private cloud solution as well. This foundation provides a broad concept of converged infrastructure and shared services and allows for easy deployment, improved manageability and rapid adjustments to meet unpredictable demands on your IT resources.

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    Data Center & Cloud /

    New technology is transforming our thought process and changing the way our companies will utilize systems. Virtualization and Cloud Computing are good for the environment (less power, less space, less overhead) and good for the bottom line.

    In addition to our private cloud/data center solution, we are partnered with the leaders in data center technology and can help you establish and maintain a baseline facility environment. We’re experts in redundancy for business continuity, telecommunications, environmental controls, security, energy efficiency and network infrastructure

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